Is today a holiday?

I often wonder "Is today a Holiday ?" I ask myself this question more often than I would like to.
It comes up when I go to the bank and it is closed, or when I see none of my stocks traded today.
Or when it is getting late and my mail hasn't arrived yet...

It is obvious enough when it is a major holiday, but what about on the more obscure ones whose dates you don't remember or can't figure it out?
Indeed some Holidays are relative and others yet shift every year. Those really get me almost every time.

It is important to know, whenever you ask yourself "is today a holiday ?", because if you don't, that important check you deposited may not clear the bank when you expected it to.
If you don't know for sure, then your mail may not go out on time, or more importantly, it may not get delivered when you expected it to.
How about those "business days" deadlines... well they might just have shifted if one of those shifty Holidays sneaked in.

Is Today a Holiday ?
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Why else would you want to know Is Today A Holiday ?
Because you want to know if your trash will be collected, or if your kids have school.

 Indeed there are many reasons why you would want to know the answer to this question. It affects your everyday life.

Well there is no need to drive to the post office in vain anymore. No need to wonder if the bank is open, or if you have school tomorrow.
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